.Pro is a Sleeping Giant

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:33:]].Pro keeps racking up 1 to 4K sales for premium domains as the registry keeps growing their registrant numbers. Make no mistake about it, the domain extension is still very undervalued within the domain community and I think few could have anticipated .pro making the recent advancement as it has let alone where we feel this domain extension is headed.  

Here are a combination of private and public sales that have sold recently that facts pro hasn't reported yet.

.pro aftermarket sales

  • diet.pro $4,000.00 
  • credit.pro $2,400.00 
  • dating.pro $1,750.00
  • debt.pro $1,150.00 
  • sales.pro $679.00 
  • taxes.pro $629.00 
  • news.pro $3,600.00
  • Smile.pro $2,200.

Most of us feel that these are domainer prices, there are a few people that we spoke with that feel that end users are the ones also getting in on the .pro game. Since being the pro at something certainly is a marketable way of selling yourself or your business there is a great reason for businesses to also buy these domains. 

So, is .pro a sleeping giant?

We think so, since the domain appeals to both a domestic and international market and is being bought in all parts of the world, along with the fact that most if not all keywords can play into extension and benefit as a result there is no question in our minds that this extension could be a very large and powerful extension.

Many domain holders like us know it but it is imaginable that this is also the same reason that the .pro extension was aquired recently by afilias as they could be the defining factor in that being realized. Many would say that other alternate extensions could also be a contender and have much more registrants that .pro does today. This is true, but those extensions don't offer the values that .pro is offering as an average domainer that wants to get a premium .pro or even hand register a .pro domain can still do so today although that window of opportunity is diminishing quickly.

It is most likely the premium sales that are going at lower rates that are listed above that show that if you have a few grand you can easily leverage yourself into a very strong position in the .pro domain space. We feel this would be a worthwhile investment as to lose out on the opportunity that could really show itself in the next few years may be disturbing news for those that missed the opportunity.

Companies will spend thousands of dollars to get the domain of their choice. We see it in the domain news every day where 2 word .com's are sold for 400K + and what is so interesting is that the hard set domain community strongly feels that their investments are secure as stone. This could be the case, but .com really is in a glorified position and due to its global dominance it has never really had to do any advertising. Again, you hear a lot of varied opinions about where .com is going to be in 10 years, but honestly you can not deny price pressure in the marketplace. It is foolish to believe that .com is going to be the leader forever where no other extension could replace it.

There are going to be hundreds if not thousands of new extensions out there and the difference in what a .pro or .whatever could be purchased for compared to what a .com is currently selling for at some point will affect prices. Maybe the .comers are right and their domains will continue to greatly rise in value. But maybe that old fashioned thinking is not correct and .com's have to compete more to hold on to their dominance as lesser known extensions work towards grabbing the market share of their .com counterparts.

It doesn't seem fair that the internet can not respect the people that go into this business first and made fortunes on the domain business. But it certainly looks like the industry is admist significant change that could cause an uprising of the way the public will perceive what websites they are searching for.  Most people are not currently aware that alternate domains exist., but new domain extensions will market themselves more freely as the competition heats up for domains. Look at what GoDaddy did at the superbowl the last 2 years. They've been promoting .co domains and this trend is only going to continue.

The internet is a rapidly evolving marketplace and there are a lot of creative minded business people that will create new advancements. We see this throughout history where new technologies and new models replace existing ones making the previous technologies look inferior. There have been hundreds if not thousands of examples of this such as the recent example of the apple's iphone stealing serious marketshare from the blackberry.

.pro is just one of many extensions that regardless of what happens to .com itself will continue to rise in value as even if .com does not come crashing down in price .pro will go up.  I'd think most investors would want to invest in something where risk was limited and potential gains are great. This is the value of buying a .pro domain at this time. These domains like news.pro or even smile.pro that sold for 2 to 3 thousand dollars we could easily see them selling for tripple those values in the future and it would only be a fraction to their .com counterparts.  

The internet is still very much the wild west even though many established business have created strong on and offline brand presence.  It also is a very exciting time for investors who want to buy domains and are building positions in various new extensions to see which one will gain more value and marketshare. .pro again is that sleeping giant that domainers are only now slowly waking up to and when it does get on its feet could be a ferocious competitor in the world of online business. Now is a great time to invest as the price chart potential for a spike in prices increases every day a new .pro domain is sold which is occuring more frequently than ever!